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Each year World's Greatest TV Show researches thousands of businesses and hundreds of worldwide to determine which are the best of the best. We evaluate and highlight some of the most amazing and unique companies, technologies, products, people, and travel destinations the world has to offer! Our selection process is thorough and exciting for candidates of all sizes. If you think you are one of the world's greatest in your industry, we want to hear from you! Interested in becoming a candidate? View our candidate participation requirements page.


If selected to move on, each candidate must meet all of our production and show requirements. This requires documentation from the company showing proof that they can meet all of our requirements.  

  • Candidates, their immediate family members or anyone living in their home may not be an employee of any company with a connection to the show.

  • The candidate must assist in the pre and post-production process. 

  • The candidate must provide a point person to correspond directly with our teams over the course of the production period.

  • The candidate must be financially solvent. 

  • The candidate CEO, President, Owner, or another C-level position must appear on camera.

  • Filming production requires one full day.

How We Come Up With Show Ideas

Every day, we receive inquiries from organizations claiming to be the "World’s Greatest". Our Creative Team reviews every application, and if they approve of an idea, the Senior and Associate Producers will begin pre-qualifying organizations in that particular field of interest. Depending on the concept or idea, the Producers might be researching a handful of candidates within a niche industry, or possibly hundreds in organizations within larger industries.

Meeting our Qualifications

Next, we validate each candidate's qualifications. We look at details such as when were they established? Are they a startup, or a pioneer? A family business, or a publicly traded company? The Producers quickly eliminate any candidates that have been involved with scandal, bad press, class action lawsuits, or any unethical or illegal association. We focus our attention on organizations that go above and beyond in their industry and stand out amongst their competitors.

Discovery Calls, Interviews, & Casting Calls

Discovery calls are brief. The Associate Producer’s goal is to quickly identify whether the candidate has an intriguing story, and are they an innovator, leader, or expert - or is there another factor that makes them stand out. If the Producer hears a compelling story, the next step is a formal phone interview, or Casting Call, with the organization's CEO, President, or Owner. 

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Announce a Winner

After each candidate is interviewed and has shown evidence that they will be able to meet all our requirements, the Producers create a unique PowerPoint presentation for each candidate, which is then pitched to our Executive Producers. The finalists chosen by the Executive Producers are picked based on several factors, including the quality of the story, how much entertainment value the candidate will bring to the viewers, the enthusiasm of the company's leadership, and the ability to prove that they will meet all of our production requirements.

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