Each year World's Greatest TV Show researches over 75,000+ businesses and hundreds of industries world wide to find which companies are the best of the best. Each year we feature only only the best of the best companies we evaluate highlighting some of the most amazing and unique companies, products, people, and travel destinations the world has to offer! Our selection process is thorough and exciting for companies of all sizes. If you think you are one of the world's greatest in your industry, we want to hear from you!

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Finding Industries to Research

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Each month, we received hundreds of inquires from companies claiming to be one of the World’s Greatest. Our team reviews each application which often inspires our executive team to assign our Senior and Associate Producers to start pre-qualifying businesses in their particular industry throughout the world. They start by researching either a handful of companies in a niche industry to hundreds in larger industries.

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Looking For Qualifications

Next, we validate each businesses’ qualifications. We look at when they were established, are they a startup, a family business, or a publicly traded company? We eliminate companies that are involved with scandal, bad press, and class action lawsuits. We focus our attention on companies that go above and beyond in their industry and stand out.

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Winners can proudly display their award with our website badges, social media graphics, profile banners & so much more.

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Initiate a Discovery Call

Discovery calls are typically 5-10 minutes. The Associate Producer’s goal is to identify if the company has an intriguing story whether they are an innovator, a leader, expert, or another factor that makes them stand out. Companies are encouraged to give the Associate Producers a 3-minute elevator pitch to impress them resulting in a longer conversation asking more questions about company history and what makes them the World’s Greatest.

Schedule an Interview

Our Producers are pitched by hundreds of companies each month. If they hear an incredible story that they believe could be the next company featured on our show, the next step is a formal phone interview. We encourage every company to invite essential company leaders to the interview but require that the CEO, President, or Owner attend. The interview typically takes between 45-60 minutes on a scheduled day and time. Formal phone interviews are structured in three sections. Companies can expect to review expectations and requirements if selected as the World’s Greatest, company logistics, and a detailed collaborative conversation to develop a segment story unique to that specific company.

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Show Company Requirements

If selected to move on, each company must meet all of our production and show requirements. This requires documentation from the company showing proof that they can meet all of our requirements.  

  • The company must meet our employee minimums.

  • The company must participate in the 12 week pre and post-production process. 

  • The company must provide a point person to correspond directly with our teams over the course of the 12 week production period. 

  • The company's revenues must meet our minimums.

  • The company CEO, President, or Owner must appear on camera or another C-level position.

  • Filming production requires one 8-12hr day.

  • The company must contractually participate in our requirement agreement 

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Announce a Winner

After each company is interviewed and has shown evidence that they will be able to meet all of the show requirements, the Associate Producers then create a unique PowerPoint presentation for each company that is pitched to our Executive Producers. Companies that are chosen by the Executive Producers are based on a number of factors including the quality of the story, how much entertainment value the company will bring to the viewers, the enthusiasm of the company leadership, and the ability to prove that they will meet all of our production requirements.