Over the past 15 years and nearly 300 episodes later, World's Greatest TV Show's world-class production studio continues to elevate people and businesses around the world through our cable television audience and proudly showcasing the highly sought after World's Greatest award badge to customers, employees, and the world.  We have seen it all, from startups rising to become industry leaders, to 150 year old companies breaking into new markets. If you have already scheduled an interview with one of our Associate Producers then chances are we are interviewing your competition as well. The only question is who will win the title of World's Greatest?


What are the greatest company challenges during the selection process 

Companies that make it on the show are going up against their competition. We don't always feature the companies with the most employees or have the highest revenue but rather the quality of their story and how much entertainment value they offer the show. Companies are immediately disqualified if they can not quickly convince our producers why they deserve to be further vetted in our selection process. They must demonstrate innovation, company culture, outstanding customer service, enthusiasm, or a track record of success. Depending on the industry, the process from research to award a company as one of the World's Greatest can take weeks or even several months. 


Companies that are selected to be on the show and are in good standing with our show after the segment airs on television will receive the World's Greatest badge and the full entertainment rights to the segment and all of the footage that was captured the day of filming. Each company receives hours of b-roll footage, interviews, and audio to use or repurpose however they would like. Most companies use it to create advertisements, email marketing or social media promotions. 

What are the show requirements to participate in World's Greatest

If selected to move on, each company must meet all of our production and show requirements. This requires documentation from the company showing proof that they can meet all of our requirements.  

  • The company must meet our employee minimums.

  • The company must participate in the 12 week pre and post-production process. 

  • The company must provide a point person to correspond directly with our teams over the course of the 12 week production period. 

  • The company's revenues must meet our minimums.

  • Filming production requires one 8 hour day.

  • The company must contractually participate in our requirement agreement. 

Does it cost to participate in World's Greatest

There are no media buys, no sponsorship participation, or production fees. No one can pay or buy their way onto the show. It is earned media. Featured Companies must be able to show proof that they are able to meet a wide variety of requirements, each of which is thoroughly explained during the casting process. Our process is thorough and if you’re seeing a company featured on our show, you can be sure that they have been carefully vetted. Paying a fee to purchase a spot on television is referred to as a "Pay for Play" and typically involves little to no vetting or evaluation.  Visit our selection process page for more information.